"Geyer is a gifted, rigorous young writer with a great sense of how gesture and the non-verbal convey depths that language does not allow for; at the same time, she is able to use language to convey the very desire for completeness that language tantalizingly promises but yet never can deliver. Her characters are full of desire– for each other, for a world that makes sense, but most of all for an expression of their full selves, which never comes."

Deborah Stein

"The Fems is a very organic-feeling gesture, in which characters (and playwright) are trying to work something out. And one of the most potent aspects of what’s being explored is the intellectual and emotional life of modern women–middle-aged and teenaged. It’s rich stuff, beautifully explored, well crafted, and deeply felt."

Melissa James Gibson

"A playwright with a voice as strong as Geyer’s runs the risk of appearing hypocritical in a play that is obsessed with the futility of communication, but with insightful care and finesse, she uses this voice as the primary tool of her work, breaking down the conventional structures of how we believe we communicate."

Ryan Gedrich

This is an Elephant

Five actors portray seventeen characters in stories about loneliness: from the isolation of three octogenarians marooned by life in low-income assisted living to the simple distance between husband and wife in bed.



Deb, Will and Chang have been living in a motel off the interstate for four months. Deb is this close to making contact with the daughter she gave up for adoption eight years ago. But when her complicated past collides with her uncomfortable present–in the form of her colorful mother and button-down brother–all must ask questions about performativity, authenticity and what it takes to feel less alone.


the fems

The rocky emotional terrain between two verbally agile and love-hungry adult sisters.




10 minute play B-STORM at New Dramatists, spring ’16 intern showcase. (directed by Tyler Christie. GARY- Colin Wulff, LYDIA- Annie Winneg, LUDWIG- Steven Russo.