“Hegel could ask the big questions all morning, but inevitably even Hegel had to break for lunch. In fiction we get Hegel and the lunch; our animal selves and our conscious selves, our greatest and lowest impulses never far from one another…”

–Ava Geyer, essay  “The Pleasure-Giving Object”

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Wet Reckless

Wet Reckless is three interlocking psychological thrillers concerning sexual assault. Amy Chen, a young mother and Yale Film Studies professor, finds herself inexplicably drawn to Louise Rachilier, the grisly female pariah of their transitioning New Haven neighborhood when “Lou”– a designated sex offender- accuses Amy’s son of physically abusing her dog. Allen White, a re-educator to DUI perps in San Diego, is taken on a nocturnal odyssey by three of his students. Meanwhile, Lizzie Briscombe, 67 year-old widow and blueberry farmer, wakes to the world again after a long hibernation…

Represented by Erica Spellman Silverman at Trident Media Group

excerpt of Wet Reckless
Lewis Center for the Arts Thesis Reading in Fiction, Chancellor Green Rotunda, Princeton University- May 6th 2015.


Woman and Girl and Papaya

Lucky People